Studio Policies

Missed Lessons:  

I do not teach make up lessons unless it is my fault.  Special circumstances are considered (i.e. illness) at the discretion of the teacher for makeups.



Regular practice is necessary for success in piano study.  Students will set a practice goal with me depending on their age and level of advancement.  Students will record their practice times in their assignment books.  Parents should plan on supervising practice sessions with younger children.  This is mainly to help them be sure they cover everything they have been assigned.  Later Elementary age and older will need parental support, but should not need supervised practice sessions.  Parental involvement is vital to successful piano study!  I know we are all busy, but this sacrifice of your time will be well worth it.



You are responsible for purchasing all learning materials and sheet music needed (via online, Saieds Music, etc).


Terminating Lessons:

When you commit to lessons in August, it is with the understanding that you will continue at least through May of the following year.  If you must terminate early, a 4-week notice or month payment will be required.



Parents are always welcome to attend a lesson, however, most students do better without the parent present.  They open up to me more easily and we are able to establish a better relationship when it is just the two of us.  There will be seating available in the waiting room if you would like to stay in the area.  Please feel free to drop in the studio every now and then, but not to attend lessons as a rule.